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Celebrating 15 Years of Alternative Journalism

Civil Society, the magazine, was dreamed up in the belief that small media is needed to drive new ideas and look at our world differently. If journalists could revise their notions of size and reach, they could gift themselves the freedom to do meaningful and engaging stories and thereby be more useful to society.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: Sep 22, 2018)
Balochistan: Metal Raods and Contaminated Water

The small town of Winder in Balochistan provides a damning lesson in how contaminated water that makes its way into homes and food supplies can unleash a medical crisis.

( Source: Dawn, Posted: Sep 11, 2018)
Driving Development with Data

About 150 organisations across 26 countries turn to SocialCops, a data intelligence company in New Delhi, for data solutions. Their list of clients includes Singapore Zoo which wants to monitor a rare species; an NGO trying to find out whether its funds are being used to construct quality toilets; an Indian company grappling with sales management; and the Union ministry of rural development, tasked with monitoring 42 flagship schemes.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: Sep 11, 2018)
Anti Trafficking Bill May be Overbroad, Disproportionate

The Anti Trafficking Bill should be referred to to a Parliamentary Standing Committee, urges Amnesty International, the human rights organization.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Sep 11, 2018)
Thane Citizens Highlight Traffic Problems

On August 25, 100 members of the Thane Road Commuters Forum, drove 17 km from the Ghodbunder Road to the Airoli bridge in the city with their headlights and taillights flickering brightly to protest against the deplorable plight of its roads.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Sep 11, 2018)
A Trust for Nature

Himal Prakriya, A Trust for Nature, was set up in March 2006 with a vision to promote nature conservation and sustainable livelihoods in the Himalaya. As part of this vision Himal Prakriti is working to strenghten and support processes for the democratic governance of natural resources.

( Source: http://www.himalprakriti.org/, Posted: Aug 29, 2018)
Kharai Camel and Mangrove Belt

The only breed of camel that swims, the Kharai camel can live in the desert and swim in the sea. But only 2000 of them are left.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: Aug 29, 2018)
Clean Himalayas Campaign Launched in Uttarakhand

The campaign will help in the removal of hazardous waste generated by tourists at different tourist spots of the Himalayas.

( Source: One World, Posted: Aug 29, 2018)
Building Post Flood Houses Under Rs 5 Lakh

It has been an uphill climb for Kerala after the floods that ravaged the state, killed hundreds and left scores homeless. The state has slowly started returning to normal life, with the Cochin International Airport also resuming operations today, according to NDTV. But there is still a long way to go. As people return home […] More

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Aug 29, 2018)
17 Things That Can Change The Way India Drives!

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, which is currently stuck in the Parliament, is a positive step forward towards making the roads safer.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Jul 31, 2018)
Guhaar: An Alternative Media Platform

Guhaar is based on the ideology of community and grassroots media where the focus is to pick up the issues of rural and urban India, community issues and to present and share the content with the help of community people and other grassroots organisations.

( Source: The Optimist Citizen, Posted: Jul 24, 2018)
Counting the Tiger

The increasing use of camera traps has turned the tiger census into a complex exercise that combines extensive field work with intensive number-crunching.

( Source: The Hindu, Posted: Jul 24, 2018)
Whistleblower Cop Refuses to Quit

54 year old Sunil Bhagwantrao Toke worked as a Constable at the Local Arms Division in Worli has been exposing rampant corruption in the traffic department with sting videos and more.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Jul 24, 2018)
Section 377: A Reserved Verdict

The bench indicated that it would only read down Section 377 in so far as consensual acts are concerned with CJI Misra observing that there will be anarchy if it goes away entirely.

( Source: Indian Express, Posted: Jul 17, 2018)
Surabhi Gautam: An Incredible Journey!

From bagging the AIR 1 in IES exam to attaining AIR 50 in UPSC exam, IAS officer Surabhi Gautam didn't let anything stop her from achieving her dreams! More

( Source: NDTV, Posted: Jul 17, 2018)
Charging up Scientific Inquiry

Mumbai based organisation Universe Simplified is empowering children to create inventions that can solve pertinent problems in their community

( Source: TheOptimistCitizen, Posted: Jul 17, 2018)
Kerala Best Indian State in Reducing Maternal Deaths

On a promising note, three Indian states have already achieved SDG targets on Maternal Mortality Rate.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Jul 17, 2018)
Shortage of Vets Affects Animals in Karachi Zoo

There are not enough vets to give proper treatment to more than 850 animals, many held in cages built a century ago.

( Source: Dawn, Posted: Jul 11, 2018)
NGOs Join Hands To Reduce Air Pollution in Punjab

This initiative will help in implementing low-cost alternative solutions among farmers to reduce crop residue burning in Punjab.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Jul 11, 2018)
Small Loans for Small Homes

The government has been a game changer by setting a target to finance 20 million new homes for the poor in urban India by 2022, but are there things it can learn from the experience of entrepreneurs who have already shaped a market in affordable housing and finance?

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: Jul 11, 2018)
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