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South Asian Development News
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The Tendu Leaf Rebellion

A year after 48 villages in the tribal-dominated district decided to throw out contractors and deal directly with companies, the rebels have cause to celebrate.

( Source: The Hindu, Posted: Mar 19, 2018)
A Sustainable Ride from India to Scotland

During the journey, the biker duo of Prashanth and Ben decided to carry out a series of projects for peace, sustainability and wellbeing like building schools and eco friendly homes.

( Source: The Optimist Citizen, Posted: Mar 19, 2018)
Droughts Getting Intense, More Frequent in South India

This is not the first time the water-rich South India is grappling with drought. In fact, certain parts of the southern peninsula, such as northern Karnataka, Telangana and the Rayal seema region of Andhra Pradesh, suffer from drought almost every other year.

( Source: Down To Earth, Posted: Mar 19, 2018)
50 Years of Dedication to Gandhian Way

As a Trustee of the Kasturba Gandhi National Trust, Mrs. Ranade has dedicated her life and energies to ensure empowerment of women, development, equality and education.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Mar 19, 2018)
NABARD to Help Vulnerable Communities in Odisha

The project is expected to improve water table and water quality for 52 lakh vulnerable communities in 15 districts of Odisha.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Mar 14, 2018)
New Plan to Reduce Air Pollution by Half in Five Years

Under its National Clean Air Programme, specific timelines and targets have been worked out to address this public health emergency.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Mar 14, 2018)
State of River Pollition

The amount of dissolved oxygen that must be present in water in order for microorganisms to decompose the organic matter in the water. It is a used as a measure of the degree of pollution.

( Source: TheWeekendLeader, Posted: Mar 14, 2018)
Striving Towards A Genderless Abode

Azaadi primarily works on an advocacy level for prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. This includes getting companies and institutions to own up to all the provisions listed under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act, 2013.

( Source: knowyourstar.com, Posted: Mar 14, 2018)
Ferrying on Solar Power

NavAlt Boats, based in Cochin has developed the first solar ferry in India that has completed 12 months and carried over 500,000 passengers, covering 20,000 km without a drop of diesel.

( Source: TimesOfIndia, Posted: Mar 5, 2018)
Camps that Make Dreams Come True

Make A Difference(MAD), an Indian NGO organized a three day Dream Camp for 96 kids from three shelters in its Coimbatore chapter,

( Source: nyooz.com, Posted: Mar 5, 2018)
Bringung History Lessons to Life

Indian Literacy Project, an NGO, which has collaborated with Google Earth to bring interactive history lessons to life in 3D. It has been rolled out in 15 schools across Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Mar 4, 2018)
India Produces One Third Organic Food of the World

But they are mostly marginal farmers sharing only 2.59 per cent of total area under organic cultivation.

( Source: DownToEarth, Posted: Mar 2, 2018)
Crazy about Passion Fruit

Kerala is on a honeymoon with passion fruit. Originally from Brazil, passion fruit has found fertile ground in the state after a government farm first began growing and processing it in a low-key way. Over the past five years, farmers, entrepreneurs and ordinary people have fallen in love with this aromatic fruit.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: Feb 26, 2018)
Forgetting about Rights

It has been almost a decade since Nepal broadly defined and adopted the new constitutional framework for governing the country under a federal democratic republican system.

( Source: Kathmandu Post, Posted: Feb 26, 2018)
Scaling Services at Rohingya Refugee Camps

The mega camps at COX Bazar in Bangladesh are currently one of the biggest refugee settlement areas and also one of the most densely populated areas.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Feb 25, 2018)
Remembering Bharathiyar

He was one of the first advocates for feminism, believing that women deserved to have a place in politics and education.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Feb 25, 2018)
Is Aadhaar a Blunder? Seven Reasons to Worry

Andhra Pradesh has started mapping people using the Aadhaar number. In a similar way, they are also tagging Aadhaar numbers with details of traffic violations. Historically, when you needed to connect one dataset to another, legal permission was needed. Aadhaar destroys this boundary between databases and the legal protection that citizens have from an overbearing State.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: Feb 20, 2018)
Strangers No More: New Narratives from Northeast India

What is new in the book by Hazarika is the willingness of people in North East India to go beyond stoicism and confront realities. A quarter of a century ago, the author surveyed a fractured landscape in Strangers in the Mist.

( Source: The Hindu, Posted: Feb 20, 2018)
Million Rural Students to Benefit From Solar Lamps

IIT- Bombay has taken a step towards creating solar eco-systems in rural homes.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Feb 20, 2018)
Ancient Filtration Material Removes Pesticides from Drinking Water

Charcoal removes impurities from water by a process called adsorption, meaning that the contaminants adhere to the charcoal surface. Because it is porous, however, water can flow through and permeate the charcoal.

( Source: engineeringforchange.org, Posted: Feb 20, 2018)
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