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Latest News From South Asia, For South Asia

Signs Of Light: Good News From South Asia
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Looking Out for Street Dogs

Feeding dogs on the streets of Bengaluru, a corporate employee, 37-year-old Amee Mendez is a dog lover who has been looking out for man's best friend with steely determination.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: May 2, 2016)
A Garden to Celebrate the Girl Child

The 'Shloka Beti Garden' in Udaipur will give parents and relatives the chance to celebrate the birth of a girl child by planting a sapling.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Apr 27, 2016)
Combating Drought with Simplicity

Children across Maharashtra :-schools are implementing this simple but highly effective method of conserving water, at a time when the rest of the state is reeling from drought.

( Source: The Better India, Posted: Apr 20, 2016)
Feeding the Caregivers

Raja Sethu Murali has been providing food for the poor patients and their attendants at the Government General Hospital in the Indian city of Coimbatore for last 15 years

( Source: The Weekend Leader, Posted: Apr 13, 2016)
Teaching 800 Students in Bihar, Sitting 900 km Away

Sweta Singh teaches 800 students using Eckovation, a social learning platform. every day. Many of her students are from her native town of Chhapra in Bihar

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Mar 29, 2016)
Damming the Exodus

Mhaswad and its surrounding villages are riding on a wave of hope, as the Manndeshi Foundation, a homegrown non-profit, has finished building nine small dams that are all filled with water. (Photos: Sameena Dalwai

( Source: TeWeekedLeader, Posted: Mar 23, 2016)
Kindness of Caperon to Homeless Girls

The dedication of Kannika, a school teacher, to prepare a few homeless girls for a better future by taking them under her wings completely received support from hawkers at Dum Dum railway station, which has given a new life to the girls,

( Source: The Weekend Leader, Posted: Mar 16, 2016)
Ritwick Dutta: The case for Our Forests

The 40-year-old lawyer has taken the battle for the environment to the courtroom with more than 350 cases.

( Source: Livemint.com, Posted: Mar 9, 2016)
Educating Kids on the Footpaths

The story of Kamalesh Parmar, who started a free education initiative after realising the quality of education in municipal schools was terrible, is nothing short of extraordinary.

( Source: The Better India, Posted: Mar 2, 2016)
Seed Savers of Odisha

The ladies who are acting as seed guardians of Odisha are pioneering new ways of sharing and storing seeds to reap a more sustainable future

( Source: Te Guardian, Posted: Feb 24, 2016)
Film on Relentless Conservation Efforts by Nagaland Villagers got Awarded

The film is based on how the villagers of Sendenyu and Sukhai in Nagaland have been conserving a part of the forest around their villages for many years now.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Feb 17, 2016)
Waste to Valuable

Two friends in Kanpur started collecting the flowers from temples and mosques in the city, and turned them into some brilliant eco-friendly products.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Feb 9, 2016)
This Law Professor Has Created an Amazing Route for the Economically Poor to Also Become Lawyers

Shamnad Basheer, a 39-year-old lawyer and professor is taking his dream of providing equal opportunity to the needy to a whole new level.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Feb 1, 2016)
A Young Woman Sarpanch Is Making a World of Difference to This Rajasthan Village

Ever since she became sarpanch of Pachhmata Gram Panchayat in Rajasthan, Pratibha Choudhary has made it her business to ensure development.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Jan 27, 2016)
Subhashini Vasanth just Won the Neerja Bhanot Award - 6 Things to Know about her.

One award is given to an Indian woman who raises her voice against social injustice and also helps other women in similar situations, and another to honour an airline crew member who acts beyond the call of duty.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Jan 17, 2016)
5 Things You Need to Know about Nobel Prize Winner Kailash Satyarthi

He is best known for receiving a Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, but did you know that Kailash Satyarthi has been fighting to protect and ensure children's' rights for three decades now?

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Jan 12, 2016)
A Software Engineer from Chhattisgarh is Making Bengaluru Green. with over 35,000 Trees so Far!

In just eight years, he has planted over 35,000 saplings and organized numerous plantation drives.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Jan 6, 2016)
Rallying for Rights

Jan Adhikar Yatra, a ten-day long march across the Indian state of Jharkhand aimed to mobilise people against the growing attacks on their basic rights like employment guarantee, food security, social security, and right to their forest and land. Ankita Aggarwal reports about her experience in the Yatra.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Dec 30, 2015)
Humans of Bombay

Every day, Karishma goes out to meet and converse with five to ten strangers on the streets of the city.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Dec 23, 2015)
Rajasthan Introduces Child Rights Through Text Books

Rajasthan government is all set to introduce a chapter on child rights in the curriculum for government school students.

( Source: TheBetterIndia, Posted: Dec 16, 2015)
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