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Latest News From South Asia, For South Asia

Signs Of Light: Good News From South Asia
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Give and Give

P Kalyansundaram, who donated his lifetime salary for charity, has inspired social workers in Tamil Nadu for years.

( Source: theweekendleader.com, Posted: Jul 22, 2014)
Indian government gets robust about sanitation

Giving high priority to sanitation, the Indian government said that we intend to provide toilets to every house by 2019.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Jul 16, 2014)
web app encourages people to give their time, money and support to good causes

OneWorld's 're:act' technology delivers relevant 'calls to action' to people as they browse the internet.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Jul 9, 2014)
Creating Alternative Livelihood Options

Bharath Vineeth, an enginner from Bangalore has created alternative income opportunities for villagers in Odisha by converting available resources into successful businesses.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Jun 30, 2014)
Rise from the ashes, just like the Phoenix

"..my hope behind starting this initiative is to plant a seed of understanding, which will spread and help individuals and families to flourish without having their future dictated by one, or a series of tragic incidents." says Anjali Rajgopal, who went through trauma and suffering herself

( Source: TheWeekendLeader, Posted: Jun 25, 2014)
'Jaipur Foot' providing Mobility and Dignity to Afghans

The prosthetic legs are being provided to amputees free of cost in a camp in Kabul organised by an Indian not-for-profit NGO of Rajasthan.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Jun 24, 2014)
Turning Ethnic Arts into Livelihoods

Jharcraft saved ethnic arts and crafts of Jharkhand, stopped traditional weavers and artisans from migrating to cities

( Source: The Weekend Leader, Posted: Jun 24, 2014)
Bangladesh gets $140 mn WB Loan to Fight Disasters

The World Bank has granted a loan worth $140 mn to Bangladesh to help the country prepare for natural disasters.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Jun 12, 2014)
Building Bridges and Blood Banks

Debabrata Ghosh has been working for 26 years with a tribal people in areas of education, health, arts and culture, women empowerment and infrastructure.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Jun 4, 2014)
Sri Lanka showed World how to Eliminate malaria: Minister

“Our planet will soon become a sick giant, so will be its people,” said Maithripala Sirisena, Health Minister of Sri Lanka.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: May 28, 2014)
Working Magic with Children

Children playing on see saws ensures that there is water in the overhead tank snf are learning the value of growing their food hrough the role played by local communities.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: May 20, 2014)
WB Helps Urban Services Improvement in Sri Lanka

The project will be managed by a Project Management Unit (PMU) under the purview of Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defense and Urban Development (MoDUD).

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: May 14, 2014)
India gives aid for schools and hospital in Nepal

The India-Nepal Economic Programme has an outlay of over 65 billion Nepali rupees with more than 475 large and small development projects.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: May 14, 2014)
Bird Healers of Delhi

For more than a decade now, Nadeem Shehzad and Mohammad Saud have been saving birds of prey on their rooftop-turned-shelter in Chawri Bazaar, old Delhi.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: May 6, 2014)
Coming Together for Medical Relief

Care Vectors provided medical relief during the Uttarakhand Landslide at a time when there was no relief in sight for the victims.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Apr 30, 2014)
Taking Banking to Rural Women

The all-women bank started by Lakhimi Baruah in Assam, India provides small, soft loans to women for needs like tin sheets, construction of rooms and safe drinking water.

( Source: The Weekend Leader, Posted: Apr 22, 2014)
Action Cop

N Dilip Kumar, an IPS officer, used spy cameras and conducted sting operations to nab corrupt officials. Now he is drafting the Lokpal bill.

( Source: The Weekend Leader, Posted: Apr 15, 2014)
The Rickshaw Bank Project

Every month about 40 or 50 people become proud owners of new, sleek, aerodynamic rickshaws in Assam, thanks to a Rickshaw Bank started in 2004 by a veterinary doctor, Pradip Kumar Sarmah.

( Source: The Weekend Leader, Posted: Apr 8, 2014)
Futuristic Libraries of Myanmar

Universities in Myanmar have been given e-libraries with hundreds of thousands of digital books and academic journals to help them catch up after decades of isolation under military rule.

( Source: BBC, Posted: Apr 2, 2014)
Weekend Harvest

A growing community of Bangaloreans spend their weekends farming. They courier seeds to each other, barter saplings, excitedly share pictures of their produce, celebrate Kitchen Garden Day every 28 August and constantly look for ways to spread the message of food from your garden.

( Source: OpenTheMagazine, Posted: Mar 26, 2014)
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