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Thomas Kocherry: Hero of Fishermen

Thomas Kocherry was the backbone of the fishworkers movement in Indi. He not only organised the fishworkers, but linked their movement with other movements for land and livelihoods all over the country.

( Source: civilsocietyonline.com, Posted: Oct 21, 2014)
The Man Who Is Bringing Back The Forgotten Herbs To Cure Several Diseases

Ramaji Parmar made amazing contributions to herbal science by growing and nurturing endangered herbs in a botanical garden.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Oct 21, 2014)
Family Farms and Food Security

FAO urges public sector to develop family farming as a sustainable source of food needs of the world.

( Source: DownToEarth, Posted: Oct 21, 2014)
Listening Now

There is a severe paucity of counselling services for survivors of sexual violence in India. Organisations like CEHAT and RAHI are plugging that gap.

( Source: InfoChangeIndia, Posted: Oct 21, 2014)
Evangelising Agriculture

In 2008, two earnest young men set out to boost soya bean yields in the semi-arid region of Bundi in Rajasthan. Rainfall there is meagre and the soil lacks nutrients.

( Source: civilsocietyonline.com, Posted: Oct 15, 2014)
Online Community Networking for Clean India Launched

This social media platform enables citizens to easily come together for taking the cleanliness campaign forward.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Oct 15, 2014)
What will it take to make our cities really smart?

The thrust on smart cities by Indian Prime Minister has been impossible to miss since he took over the reins.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Oct 15, 2014)
Lighting Up Lives In The Sundarbans

MUKTI is bringing a holistic development to Sunderbans through its various initiatives.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Oct 15, 2014)
Grassroot Innovation in India

Prof. Anil Gupta says grassroot innovation is alive and well in India, we just have to look for it.

( Source: The Alternative, Posted: Oct 8, 2014)
No Liquor, No Drinking?

The recent decision of the Kerala government to phase out sale of liquor and become a dry state has renewed the debate on prohibition as an effective deterrent.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Oct 8, 2014)
Viability of Sabarmati Model of Riverfront Restoration

When river restoration translates merely into cosmetic beautification of its front, real estate and urban elite are the only ones to gain at the cost of the larger river ecology. Amruta Pradhan discusses the Sabarmati Riverfront Development project and others inspired by it to highlight the risks in the model.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Oct 8, 2014)
Attendance Of Government Employees Made Available Online

The Government of India has launched Attendance.gov.in - an initiative that makes the attendance records of central government officials public.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Oct 8, 2014)
Indian Renewable Energy Investors Get Together

The central theme of the meet scheduled for February is to attract large scale investments in the renewable energy sector in India.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Oct 1, 2014)
A Season of Change

It has not been easy to keep track of the frequent announcements of modifications in environmental law and regulation since the new government in India assumed power.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Oct 1, 2014)
A Place Disabled Children Can Call Home

Dayaram Maharjan, a teacher, set up the Disabled Services Association (DSA), in Bungmati village, Nepal which now houses more than 40 children.

( Source: OurBetterWorld, Posted: Oct 1, 2014)
2400-Crore Hydro-Power Scam

Sikkim government’s irregular allocation of hydropower projects to a New Delhi-based power producer and the eventual turn of events have cost the state more than Rs 2400 crore.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Sep 30, 2014)
A Simple Water Purifier

The low cost bio filter purifies water, is locally manufactured, involves no maintenance and can also help the local community with various livelihood options in just Rs.3,000!.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Sep 24, 2014)
Affordable Pesticide-Free Food

Safe Harvest encourages the use of pesticide-free food products that offer you a healthier and safer option at affordable prices.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Sep 24, 2014)
Devotees Urged to Boycott Animal Sacrifice in Nepal Fest

The Humane Society International-India is working with Animal Welfare Network-Nepal to stop the mass slaughter in Gadhimai festival.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Sep 24, 2014)
Breathing Life Into Buildings

Kolkata-based architect Laurent Fournier tells how ceilings can float and why bamboo-reed-mud make more sense than brick-concrete-steel.

( Source: DownToEarth, Posted: Sep 24, 2014)
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