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The Rights Woman

Anna Kujur encourages the tribals of Sundergarh, Odisha to stand up for their rights and entitlements but also gives them reasons to hope for a better tomorrow.

( Source: TheWeekendLeader, Posted: Dec 17, 2014)
A Prayer for Peshawar

Vigils were held in Karachi, Islamabad and other major cities of the country for the children and teachers killed in Peshawar in a massacre carried out by Taliban militants.

( Source: dawn.com, Posted: Dec 17, 2014)
Quit Line to Help Tobacco Users

In a month, the Indian Health ministry would launch the first helpline, to help tobacco users quit the habit.

( Source: DNAIndia, Posted: Dec 17, 2014)
Growing Up with Rishta

The project in Jharkhand seeks to create informed awareness among adolescents about the physical and psychological changes that they are undergoing so that they can take a rational view of them and cope with them effectively.

( Source: civilsocietyonline.com, Posted: Dec 17, 2014)
Research & Sustainable Development Consortium organized India Toilet Summit 2014 at Chennai

The summit brought together policy makers, researchers, Not-for-profits and corporate under a single forum to discuss, deliberate, exchange knowledge, share expertise & resources to realize the vision an open defecation free India.

( Source: India Online, Posted: Dec 11, 2014)
Making Railway Stations Brighter

From wi-fi enabled railway stations to outsourcing of cleaning staff, the Ministry of Railways has big plans to transform railway stations.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Dec 9, 2014)
Three Indian Teachers Shortlisted for Global Teacher Prize

The Indian teachers among the global top 50 include Kiran Bir Sethi, who teaches at the Riverside School in Ahmedabad; Hira Prasad, who is from Birla High School Junior Section in Kolkata, and Bijal Damani of S N Kansagra School in Rajkot.

( Source: timesofindia.com, Posted: Dec 9, 2014)
Serving Children of Sex Workers

Starting with a night shelter for children of sex workers, Priti Patkar and her 28-year journey has saved many a child in red light district of Mumbai.

( Source: The Weekend Leader, Posted: Dec 9, 2014)
Renewable Energy and Quality of Life

A renewable energy project covering three of Odisha’s most backward villages has gone beyond the immediate promise of providing electricity,

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Dec 8, 2014)
Whistling To Improve Sanitation

These women from Self Help Groups in Orissa have solved the problem of open defecation in a very interesting way.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Dec 3, 2014)
Hundreds March in New Delhi for Gay Pride

Hundreds of gay rights activists marched through central New Delhi on Sunday to demand an end to discrimination against members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) community in India.

( Source: dawn.com, Posted: Dec 1, 2014)
Where the Boats Ferry in Good Health

For the three million plus marginalised people living in Assam's riverine ‘chars’, boat clinics arrive once every month with basic health supplies, services and education.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Dec 1, 2014)
When Kitchen Smoke Can Kill

It has been widely established that the health impact of indoor air pollution, caused often by solid fuels for household cooking, far outweighs the hazards of outdoor pollution.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Dec 1, 2014)
National AIDS Helpline Goes Live

Over 4000 calls have been made on first national AIDS helpline, 1097, in India.

( Source: BusinessLine, Posted: Dec 1, 2014)
Inherited Wealth adn Nepalese Women

Muluki Ain, the general code that governs the nation, is an outdated document. Lawmakers must ensure equal rights to property for women in new Civil Code.

( Source: eKantipur, Posted: Nov 25, 2014)
Tigers and Nestle

Tigers, a Pakistani movie, has turned the spotlight back on the grave problem posed by companies that flog breast milk substitutes in parts of the Third World.

( Source: civilsocietyonline.com, Posted: Nov 25, 2014)
Why the Sterilisation Tragedy May Happen Again

With a recent drug sample report confirming the presence of rat poison in medicines administered to hapless tubectomy victims in Chhattisgarh, it is yet another wake-up call for India to address the threats posed by its $4.25-billion fake drugs market.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Nov 25, 2014)
Steps to Reduce Animal Cruelty

From banning the import of animal-tested cosmetics to stopping the use of dolphins for entertainment, India is working to reduce animal cruelty.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Nov 25, 2014)
Beauty without cruelty: India becomes first South Asian country to ban animal-tested cosmetics

Coming five months after India announced a national ban on animal testing for cosmetics, the ban on import of all cosmetic products which have been tested on animals comes as a breakthrough victory for pro-life groups and other advocating cruelty-free products.

( Source: Alternative.in, Posted: Nov 19, 2014)
Odisha's tribal Women Show the Way to Food Security

In 25 villages across Rayagada district of Odisha, tribal village women have reclaimed the denuded commons and achieved a remarkable turnaround in food security and livelihoods through eco-friendly alternatives

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Nov 19, 2014)
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