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Powerful Clicks on Lives of Leprosy Affected

Natsuko Tominaga is a photographer with the Nippon Foundation. She is on a mission to remove the leprosy taboo in India. For the last 40 years, the Foundation has been working for the betterment of leprosy patients, and for 16 of those 40 years, Natsuko has been working with them.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: May 21, 2018)
Pancheshwar Dam: Is it Really Needed?

In the dense forests of Pithoragarh district in Uttarakhand, on the India-Nepal border, the tallest dam in the world is being planned.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: May 21, 2018)
Normal Monsoon Forecast

Rainfall will be 97% of the 50-year average with a 54% probability that rains will be normal to above normal, IMD said in its first stage, long-range monsoon forecast.

( Source: livemint, Posted: May 21, 2018)
Election Commission Brings Beggars and Homeless into Poll Process

Indian Election Commission will also examine the possibility of allowing undertrials to vote.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: May 21, 2018)
Microfactory to Tackle E-Waste Hazard

In a pioneering effort to tackle the growing mountains of e-waste, an IIT-trained Australian scientist of Indian origin at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) here has helped launch the first microfactory that can transform electronic waste (e-waste) like smartphones and laptops into valuable material for re-use.

( Source: TheWeekendLeader, Posted: May 14, 2018)
Feeble War on Malnutrition in Pakistan

Despite a multitude of programmes in place, the nutrition indicators in Pakistan seem to be on a downward spiral. Some even believe that declaring a national nutrition emergency no longer seems a far-fetched idea.

( Source: dawn.com, Posted: May 14, 2018)
Inclusivity at Top 100 Companies of India

The India Responsible Business Index (IRBI) is in its third year and is the result of a collaborative effort by Corporate Responsibility Watch, Oxfam India, Change Alliance, Praxis Institute for Participatory Practices and Partners in Change.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: May 14, 2018)
When Social Good Meets Big Data

According to Rick Smolan, the author of The Human Face of Big Data, Big Data is an intelligent tool that can help combat poverty and crime. Big Data is characterised by Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: May 14, 2018)
Gritty Gram Sabhas of Goa

When Goa drew up plans to make the Mormugao Port a hub for importing coal and transporting it to steel factories in Karnataka, it ran into opposition it had never really expected. At the public hearings on the proposal, doctors, lawyers and scientists tore into officials with information and questions for which they had no real answers.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: May 7, 2018)
12000 year old Mansar Lake Struggling to Survive

In an estimated 12,000 years of existence, Mansar Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the Shivalik range of the Jammu region, is facing an existential threat due to human intervention and climate change.

( Source: TribuneIndia, Posted: May 7, 2018)
Holding a Municipality Accountable

For the last 25 years, the Okha Nagarpalika municipality in Gujarat was dumping large quantities of municipal waste within 100 metres of the Bakshipunch Society, home to about fifty Dalit families. The first question that came to my mind was: How is this site complying with the laws related to municipal solid waste

( Source: indiatogether.org, Posted: May 7, 2018)
India Moves to Ban e-cigarettes

The Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has embarked on the process of banning e-cigarettes.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: May 7, 2018)
5 Suicides over Cauvery Issue in a Fortnight

The failure of Indian Government to set up the Cauvery Management Board as per the Supreme Court order of February 16 has not only triggered ragging protests across Tamil Nadu but also a spate of suicides over the Cauvery issue.

( Source: DNA India, Posted: Apr 30, 2018)
The Fall and Rise of a Social Movement

After almost a decade of slumber, voices of resistance are emerging from landless peasants in Punjab in Pakistan once again. This is the tale of how biradari divided their social movement, but now, a shared struggle is bringing them close again.

( Source: dawn.com, Posted: Apr 30, 2018)
The Greener Past of Delhi

Landscape Foundation, a landscape research studio, has conceptualised the Delhi Nature Map to trace the growth of the city over 12 centuries, specifically in the context of its changing relationship with nature

( Source: indiatogether.org, Posted: Apr 30, 2018)
Traditional Bells of Kerala to Ring Again

The bell metal handicrafts of Kerala are something that most tourists take back as souvenirs but today, only a few artisans in the state remain to carry forward the legacy.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Apr 30, 2018)
Helping Panchayats Fill in the Blanks

AHEAD was set up in 2009 under Section 25 of the Companies Act to work with panchayati raj institutions as well as small rural NGOs. The acronym stands for Addressing Hunger, Empowerment and Development. Seeds and saplings from the gram panchayat are distributed to families to grow kitchen and nutritional gardens on their homestead land.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: Apr 23, 2018)
Bangladesh to Buy Solar Power

Bangladesh wants to buy at least 2000 megawatts of electricity from large solar power projects coming up in Gujarat and Rajasthan

( Source: livemint, Posted: Apr 23, 2018)
Residents Use Rule of Law to Secure Justice

Hasmukh Dhumadia narrates his experience of helping the local residents of Arambhada village in Mithapur, Gujarat in their fight for environmental justice against BLA Coke Ltd.

( Source: indiatogether.org, Posted: Apr 23, 2018)
New Water Atlas by NABARD to Help Farmers Get the Water They Need, Lower Wastage

While many regions in India have already begun to see signs of water scarcity with the onset of summer, it is important to start working on a concrete plan of action that will provide for the judicious use and distribution of water across all sections of society.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Apr 23, 2018)
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