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South Asian Development News
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An Oasis in Drought-hit Maharashtra

The underground water table in Hiware Bazar is so tgood that the precious commodity is available barely 20 to 40 feet below.

( Source: TimesOfIndia, Posted: Apr 27, 2016)
Campaign for Education Across South Asia

More than six lakh people will pledge their support for this campaign being launched simultaneously across many South Asian cities.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Apr 27, 2016)
Beating the Heat, Nagpur Way

The temperature in Nagpur has been as high as 44 degrees in the month of April and this measure to bring some respite to commuters has been welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm.

( Source: News18, Posted: Apr 27, 2016)
Delhi Gets Ready for Dog Census

Every Indian city has a growing population of stray dogs. In fact it is hard to find a street without a stray dog loitering in it.

( Source: Civil Society Online, Posted: Apr 27, 2016)
The woman who refuses to do India's dirtiest job

As you watch a confident Ranikumari Khokar educate a group of boys and girls on how to file a police case, it is hard to imagine that this 21-year-old spent most of her adolescence working as a scavenger.

( Source: theGuardian, Posted: Apr 21, 2016)
Kashmir Woman Repatriated After Two Years

Pakistani authorities on Thursday repatriated a woman to India-held Kashmir (IHK), two years after she had strayed into the territory of Azad Jammu and Kashmir

( Source: Dawn, Posted: Apr 20, 2016)
Wonder World at Kathputli

The largest community of street performers in the world lives in Kathputli basti in west Delhi.

( Source: Civil Society Online, Posted: Apr 20, 2016)
Putting Play at the Centre of Learning

Baala Balaga was founded as an equal opportunity school in 1996 by Dr. Sanjeev Kulkarni and his wife Pratibha Inspired by the philosophy of books like Tottochan and Teacher

( Source: theAlternative, Posted: Apr 20, 2016)
Rays of hope for the 'local' in Meghalaya

Even as many pockets of the state, including its capital, battle the ravages of development and consumerism, a couple of villages visited by the author stand as examples of resilient local economies and lifestyles.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Apr 20, 2016)
Gurgaon Taps Solar Power

A single window solar facilitation centre would be opened at the Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Park near Leisure Valley here to promote solar energy

( Source: The Hindu, Posted: Apr 13, 2016)
Every City Can be Smart

The selection of the first lot of 20 smart cities by the Indian government saw both jubilation among those selected and considerable angst among the remaining 78 that did not make the second cut.

( Source: Civil Society Online, Posted: Apr 13, 2016)
A Million Karnataka Farmers Sell Produce Online

The farmers in Karnataka have taken their business online, all thanks to the Unified Marketing Platform (UMP), an initiative by the state government. Launched in 2014 by the Rashtriya e-Market Services (ReMS), it facilitates interaction between traders and farmers.

( Source: TheBetterIndia, Posted: Apr 13, 2016)
New Rules for Hazardous Waste

The Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change has new rules on hazardous waste that recognize it as a resource for recovery and reuse.

( Source: DownToEarth, Posted: Apr 13, 2016)
Of animals and lesser animals

The shocking physical abuse inflicted on police horse Shaktimaan has rightly created a furore in society. Strict monitoring is required at the treatment of animals in film making.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Apr 6, 2016)
How an 18-Year-Old Domestic Help Started a Makeshift School for 60 Kids from Slums in Ranchi

Suchita Baraik, an 18-year-old resident of Ranchi, works as a domestic help to earn a living, she has taken-up teaching 60 children who come to her house

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Apr 6, 2016)
The Supreme Court just made it easier for you to save lives; here's how!

You don't have to fear police harassment if you report or help an injured accident victim anymore.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Apr 6, 2016)
The Mountain man - an inspiring story of love and courage

In the memory of his beloved wife, determined Manjhi took a hammer and a chisel and embarked on a tough and almost impossible mission.

( Source: OneIndia, Posted: Apr 4, 2016)
Social Cops

Founded in 2013 by Varun Banka,and Prukalpa Sankar, Social Cops uses tablets, activists and an application called Connect to figure out how government schemes are doing and what people want in real time.

( Source: Civil Society Online, Posted: Mar 30, 2016)
Bhutan - The Only Country to be Carbon Negative

For Bhutan, environmental sustainability is both the primary objective and the starting point for national development.

( Source: permaculturenews, Posted: Mar 30, 2016)
Investment in Renewable Energy Show Record Growth

The UNEP report shows that investment in renewable energy (excluding large hydro-electric projects) has increased by five per cent to touch US $ 285.9 billion in 2015

( Source: downtoearth, Posted: Mar 30, 2016)
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