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Helping Visually Impaired Through Chess

Project Checkmate was started by 18 year old Devanshi as an attempt to impart life skills to underprivileged kids and kids with visual impairments.

( Source: TheOptimistCitizen, Posted: Oct 10, 2018)
Action Nort East Camp for Mental Health

The Ant camp or Action Nort East camp is just about the only place in these remote parts of Assam that someone with a mental health issue can hope to get attention and medicines for 300.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: Oct 10, 2018)
Andhra Pradesh aims to become Indian innovation Valley

Amravati will be the hub of this innovation which will comprise nine cities inlcuding Media City, Government City, Justice City among others.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Oct 10, 2018)
First Registry of Sex Offenders Out in India

Names, photos and DNA samples — the database will contain information on more than 4.5 lakh cases, including profiles of first time and repeat offenders.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Oct 10, 2018)
Mind Piper: Untangling Ambiguity Around Mental Health

Mind Piper, a New Delhi based social enterprise, is using an integrated framework to address mental health issues for the underserved in India.

( Source: TheOptimistCitizen, Posted: Oct 3, 2018)
Womb Crusaders

Since 2001 Dr Vinjamuri and his wife, Dr S.V. Kameswari have been educating rural women in Andhra Pradesh, India about the importance of the uterus and why it should not be removed except for the most compelling medical reasons.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: Oct 3, 2018)
Village Turns Ganesha Idols Into Fertilisers!

With increasing environmental consciousness, people have been looking for alternatives to Plaster of Paris (PoP) in Ganesha idols. In Nagardale village in Belagavi district of Karnataka, Pune engineers have helped turn these idols into fertilizers.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Oct 3, 2018)
Radio Stations Go on air Against Child Abuse

Participants were oriented by professionals working in child protection along with representatives from the government, the police and judiciary.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Oct 3, 2018)
The Faces Who Took up Legal Battle Against Section 377

Tweet The Supreme Court decriminalised part of Section 377 of the archaic Indian Penal Code that criminalises consensual gay sex, saying it was irrational, indefensible and manifestly arbitrary.

( Source: The Optimist Citizen, Posted: Sep 22, 2018)
Indian Squad Set for Special Olympics n Chicago

The event celebrates fifty years of Special Olympics, a global inclusive movement.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Sep 22, 2018)
Abortion In India: Bombay Court Gives Critical Directive

On Wednesday, the Bombay High Court directed the state to consider the setup of permanent medical boards at government and civic hospitals, in major cities across Maharashtra to examine women seeking permission for medical termination of their pregnancies advanced beyond the 20-week limit prescribed by the Medical Termination of Pregnancies Act 1971.

( Source: DailyHunt, Posted: Sep 22, 2018)
Celebrating 15 Years of Alternative Journalism

Civil Society, the magazine, was dreamed up in the belief that small media is needed to drive new ideas and look at our world differently. If journalists could revise their notions of size and reach, they could gift themselves the freedom to do meaningful and engaging stories and thereby be more useful to society.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: Sep 22, 2018)
Balochistan: Metal Raods and Contaminated Water

The small town of Winder in Balochistan provides a damning lesson in how contaminated water that makes its way into homes and food supplies can unleash a medical crisis.

( Source: Dawn, Posted: Sep 11, 2018)
Driving Development with Data

About 150 organisations across 26 countries turn to SocialCops, a data intelligence company in New Delhi, for data solutions. Their list of clients includes Singapore Zoo which wants to monitor a rare species; an NGO trying to find out whether its funds are being used to construct quality toilets; an Indian company grappling with sales management; and the Union ministry of rural development, tasked with monitoring 42 flagship schemes.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: Sep 11, 2018)
Anti Trafficking Bill May be Overbroad, Disproportionate

The Anti Trafficking Bill should be referred to to a Parliamentary Standing Committee, urges Amnesty International, the human rights organization.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Sep 11, 2018)
Thane Citizens Highlight Traffic Problems

On August 25, 100 members of the Thane Road Commuters Forum, drove 17 km from the Ghodbunder Road to the Airoli bridge in the city with their headlights and taillights flickering brightly to protest against the deplorable plight of its roads.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Sep 11, 2018)
A Trust for Nature

Himal Prakriya, A Trust for Nature, was set up in March 2006 with a vision to promote nature conservation and sustainable livelihoods in the Himalaya. As part of this vision Himal Prakriti is working to strenghten and support processes for the democratic governance of natural resources.

( Source: http://www.himalprakriti.org/, Posted: Aug 29, 2018)
Kharai Camel and Mangrove Belt

The only breed of camel that swims, the Kharai camel can live in the desert and swim in the sea. But only 2000 of them are left.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: Aug 29, 2018)
Clean Himalayas Campaign Launched in Uttarakhand

The campaign will help in the removal of hazardous waste generated by tourists at different tourist spots of the Himalayas.

( Source: One World, Posted: Aug 29, 2018)
Building Post Flood Houses Under Rs 5 Lakh

It has been an uphill climb for Kerala after the floods that ravaged the state, killed hundreds and left scores homeless. The state has slowly started returning to normal life, with the Cochin International Airport also resuming operations today, according to NDTV. But there is still a long way to go. As people return home […] More

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Aug 29, 2018)
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