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South Asian Development News
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Indian Renewable Energy Investors Get Together

The central theme of the meet scheduled for February is to attract large scale investments in the renewable energy sector in India.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Oct 1, 2014)
A Season of Change

It has not been easy to keep track of the frequent announcements of modifications in environmental law and regulation since the new government in India assumed power.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Oct 1, 2014)
A Place Disabled Children Can Call Home

Dayaram Maharjan, a teacher, set up the Disabled Services Association (DSA), in Bungmati village, Nepal which now houses more than 40 children.

( Source: OurBetterWorld, Posted: Oct 1, 2014)
2400-Crore Hydro-Power Scam

Sikkim government’s irregular allocation of hydropower projects to a New Delhi-based power producer and the eventual turn of events have cost the state more than Rs 2400 crore.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Sep 30, 2014)
A Simple Water Purifier

The low cost bio filter purifies water, is locally manufactured, involves no maintenance and can also help the local community with various livelihood options in just Rs.3,000!.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Sep 24, 2014)
Affordable Pesticide-Free Food

Safe Harvest encourages the use of pesticide-free food products that offer you a healthier and safer option at affordable prices.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Sep 24, 2014)
Devotees Urged to Boycott Animal Sacrifice in Nepal Fest

The Humane Society International-India is working with Animal Welfare Network-Nepal to stop the mass slaughter in Gadhimai festival.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Sep 24, 2014)
Breathing Life Into Buildings

Kolkata-based architect Laurent Fournier tells how ceilings can float and why bamboo-reed-mud make more sense than brick-concrete-steel.

( Source: DownToEarth, Posted: Sep 24, 2014)
Abdul Sattar Edhi: A Life Dedicated to Others

Sixty years ago, Abdul Sattar Edhi, 82, gave up everything to devote his life to helping Pakistan's poorest.

( Source: Tbe Telegraph, Posted: Sep 17, 2014)
How To Govern Natural Wealth

Allocation process must strike a balance between economic growth and environmental and social concerns

( Source: DownToEarth, Posted: Sep 17, 2014)
Bringing Down Noise Pollution in Mumbai

Sumaira and her NGO, Awaaz Foundation, have been creating awareness among school children on the importance of reducing noise pollution.

( Source: The Weekend Leader, Posted: Sep 17, 2014)
From Gangster to Guide

Pluspoint is a family of dancers in Singapore brought together and mentored by Mel, an ex-gangster turned guide.

( Source: OurBetterWorld, Posted: Sep 17, 2014)
Adding Value to Wood

In Channapatna town on the outskirts of Bangalore, shaping wood into various forms is resulting in shaping lives of numerous artisans.

( Source: Deccan Herald, Posted: Sep 10, 2014)
Four New Buses from Pakistan to India

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation has inducted a fleet of four new buses in the Pakistan-India Dosti Bus service.

( Source: http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-pakistan-tourism-introduces-four-new-buses-to-india-under-dosti-bus-service-2017541, Posted: Sep 9, 2014)
Trumpeting Out Loud

Ivory seeking poachers have killed 1,00,000 African elephants in just three years.

( Source: Deccan Herald, Posted: Sep 9, 2014)
Battling Climate Change and Landmines Along LoC

For women living along the conflict-ridden borders of Kashmir, caught between cross fire and attempts to check infiltration, the threat of landmines is a constant reality, made worse now by environmental degradation.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Sep 9, 2014)
From Ice Bucket to Rice Bucket

Not seeing the relevance in India for the popular ice bucket challenge which challenges people to pour ice water on their head to raise awareness on some diseases, Manju Latha of Hyderabad started the rice bucket challenge which has encouraged hundreds of people to donate buckets of rice to the needy.

( Source: The Weekend Leader, Posted: Sep 9, 2014)
Free Online Course on RTI

Government has now launched an online course to give a hands-on experience of RTI.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Sep 7, 2014)
On Constitution Avenue, Journalism is a Crime

At least 28 mediap ersons bore the brunt of police high-handedness in Pakistan last week.

( Source: The Dawn, Posted: Sep 2, 2014)
Naga Hills Women Discovering Collective Strength

Women's lives in Nagaland's Tuensang district have changed. They now demand better schooling for their children, fight for government entitlements, and articulate issues once considered too sensitive.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Sep 2, 2014)
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