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Auroville: 50 Years of Community Building

Aurovilles designers and planners remain committed to a belief that architecture is a primary tool of community building,

( Source: architectural-review.com, Posted: Dec 13, 2017)
A Modern Village Chief Breathes New Life

Ankit Ashok Bhai Shah, the 36 year old head of Pavi Jetpur village in Gujarat has created a non political committee in the village for various need based projects like Open Gym and Bio Gas plant. This resulted in active participation of the community leaders of all sections.

( Source: TheOptimistCitizen, Posted: Dec 13, 2017)
Arpan: Sensitizing the Common Man About Sexual Abuse

Arpan conducts street plays on Child Sexual Abuse across Mumbai and Thane. This has helped take the issue to the common man

( Source: arpan.org.in, Posted: Dec 13, 2017)
Fast-Track Courts to Tackle Cases Against Politicians

The Indian government will set up 12 special courts to fast-track 1,581 criminal cases pending against lawmakers from across the country.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Dec 13, 2017)
A Day with Ragpickers of Delhi

Despite their crucial service of keeping urban waste management in place, Indian ragpickers continue to struggle for survival in dire conditions.

( Source: DownToEarth, Posted: Nov 28, 2017)
Hyderabad to Host International Permaculture Meet

Happening every two years, the International Permaculture Convergence is a very special occasion offered to practitioners from around the world to share their experiences, learn from each other about the future of the permaculture movement.

( Source: IPCIndia, Posted: Nov 28, 2017)
Karachi Biennale: The Starting Point

The Karachi Biennale was an overwhelming surprise that brought Pakistan into the world of global art discourse.

( Source: dawn.com, Posted: Nov 28, 2017)
When Ignorance Leads to Blindness

There are 70 million diabetics in India, 80 percent of them have vision problems about which they are either not aware or lack access to good eye care. NGOs are partnering to reach out to the marginalised and providing them better eye care and prevention.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Nov 28, 2017)
The Story of Pakistani Marble

The most consequential impact of the export of raw Pakistani marble to China is that it is preventing the local industry from developing value-adding capacity.

( Source: dawn.com, Posted: Nov 21, 2017)
Breaking the Male Bastion of Idol Making

Women in Kumartuli near Kolkotta are making a mark in idol making, a profession almost entirely dominated by men.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Nov 21, 2017)
India to Launch Awareness Campaign on Anemia

The government is in the process of making adolescent health programme more monitorable and prevention centric.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Nov 21, 2017)
Your Rights When Stopped by Traffic Police

There are rights that a commuter and Traffic police in India may not be aware of.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Nov 21, 2017)
More Money for More Dust

Harapriya Nayak and Santosh Dora worked with the tribals of a small village in Odisha, who were suffering because of heavy mining happening in their area and brought about a change.

( Source: IndiaTogether, Posted: Nov 14, 2017)
New Method Developed to Monitor Glacial Lakes

The Object Based Image Analysis method has the advantage that it can help map even a glacial pond as small as 100 square metres with high precision,

( Source: DownToEarth, Posted: Nov 14, 2017)
Radio4Child Awards Recognise Work on Health of Children

The awards bestowed in Mumbai recognise the contribution of radio journalists in creative dissemination of health messages for children.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Nov 14, 2017)
Dedicated to Making the Lives of Street Dogs Happier

Paws of India, a unique initiative started by Sushant Ajnikar and Anita Rane promises to change the lives of Desi dogs for the better.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Nov 14, 2017)
Karnataka Farmer Conservers Unique Jack Fruit

Indian Institute of Horticulture Research (IIHR) in Bengaluru decided to propagate a unique jackfruit from the farm of Paramesha in Tumkur, Karnataka and ensure that he received an incomefrom his genetic wealth.

( Source: CivilSocietyOnline, Posted: Nov 8, 2017)
With Delhi, Other Indian Cities Also Choke

Rise in air pollution in other Indian cities is equally disconcerting/

( Source: DownToEarth, Posted: Nov 8, 2017)
Special Autos for Women and Children of Bengaluru

From January onwards, pink autorickshaws will be seen on the roads of Bengaluru, and they’ll be reserved for women and children only.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Nov 7, 2017)
Protests Force Rajasthan Government to Review Gag Legislation

The proposed legislation bars courts from taking up complaints against public servants including ministers, judges and bureaucrats without prior sanction from the government.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Nov 5, 2017)
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