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Ancient Technology Brings Waterto Dry Magadh in Bihar

Ancient Mauryan engineering has brought water back to the undulating and rocky terrain of Magadh, the grain bowl of Bihar that had turned almost entirely arid because of abortive modern irrigation policies.

( Source: Hindustan Times, Posted: Jan 15, 2018)
Checking Air Pollution in Kathmandu

Amid the public uproar about worsening air quality in Kathmandu Valley, the Supreme Court on Sunday ordered the authorities concerned to act immediately for controlling air pollution.

( Source: ekantipur.com, Posted: Jan 15, 2018)
A Portal for Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management

The Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Toolbox recognizes that sectoral approaches are not going to solve the global water and sanitation crisis. It highlights that we need holistic approaches and must consider the entire water cycle from source to sea, and back, and puts human influence on the water and nutrient cycle at the centre.

( Source: https://www.sswm.info/category/concept/concept-introduction, Posted: Jan 15, 2018)
Bamboo not a Tree: Forest Act to be Amended

Indian Parliament passed a bill on Wednesday to exclude bamboo from the definition of tree under the Indian Forest Act, claiming it would improve the earnings of tribals and dwellers living around forests.

( Source: Times of Inida, Posted: Jan 15, 2018)
Odisha Tribal Group Denied Access to Forest

The bone of contention is the core area of the Similipal Tiger Reserve where the Mankidia tribe eke out a living by collecting Siali fibre.

( Source: DownToEarth, Posted: Jan 3, 2018)
Interview: Fritjof Capra

Famous physicist and writer Capra made a plea to distinguish between real and virtual wealth and not to measure well-being in millions of dollars.

( Source: DownToEarth, Posted: Jan 3, 2018)
More than Half the Kids Anemic in Maharashtra

Iron deficiency leaves 53% of kids in Maharashtra anemic. India ranks 170th in world for prevalence of anemia amongst women.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Jan 2, 2018)
Arunachal Pradesh Becomes Open Defecation Free

It was made possible after the government offered an additional incentive of Rs 8,000 per toilet

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Jan 2, 2018)
Community Radio Bridges Gender Gaps in Odisha

10 community radio stations are working in Odisha on changing the mindset of the people, to enable a better environment for the safety of girl children and women.

( Source: The Optimist Citizen, Posted: Dec 27, 2017)
Kerala School Teaches Organic Farming

The Naipunnya Public School, Thrikkakara, practiced organic terrace farming on its premises, so that kids could learn the methods.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Dec 27, 2017)
Latha Anantha: A Guardian of Rivers

Latha Anantha, the researcher and activist who passed away recently, was a guardian angel of the Chalakkudy river in Kerala. During 1992-94, she got involved in a campaign to save the forest trees in Kerala Agricultural University. She was part of a group of students who successfully stalled the plans of the college authorities to cut down more than 1000 prime forest trees in their campus.

( Source: India Together, Posted: Dec 27, 2017)
The Two Rupee Doctor of Chennai

Dr Thiruvengadam is a real life hero, who has served the Chennai community since his days as a medical college student during the 1970s without charging fees from poor patients, and later for small fees.

( Source: The Weekend Leader, Posted: Dec 27, 2017)
Reaching Out to Rural Kids Creatively

Established in December, 2016, pilot project of Saakshar team was launched in five government primary schools across Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh with college graduates reaching out to rural children over weekends to improve communication skills.

( Source: The Optimist Citizen, Posted: Dec 20, 2017)
Potential for Permaculture in India

Permaculture considers traditional methods and includes them in design. In terms of farming, the opportunities are endless when merging the ancient and the modern. Using modern technologies, we can reshape the landscape, so that it harvests a lot more resources like water and arrests erosion.

( Source: Down To Earth, Posted: Dec 20, 2017)
Inching towards effective skilling of youth of Bihar

Bihar Skill Development mission has initiated a new integrated model factoring recruitment, training and deployment.

( Source: OneWorld, Posted: Dec 20, 2017)
New Portal Enables Learning of 80 plus Languages

The Bharatavani portal features online dictionaries, where users can learn languages from Zeme to Urdu

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Dec 20, 2017)
Auroville: 50 Years of Community Building

Aurovilles designers and planners remain committed to a belief that architecture is a primary tool of community building,

( Source: architectural-review.com, Posted: Dec 13, 2017)
A Modern Village Chief Breathes New Life

Ankit Ashok Bhai Shah, the 36 year old head of Pavi Jetpur village in Gujarat has created a non political committee in the village for various need based projects like Open Gym and Bio Gas plant. This resulted in active participation of the community leaders of all sections.

( Source: TheOptimistCitizen, Posted: Dec 13, 2017)
Arpan: Sensitizing the Common Man About Sexual Abuse

Arpan conducts street plays on Child Sexual Abuse across Mumbai and Thane. This has helped take the issue to the common man

( Source: arpan.org.in, Posted: Dec 13, 2017)
Fast-Track Courts to Tackle Cases Against Politicians

The Indian government will set up 12 special courts to fast-track 1,581 criminal cases pending against lawmakers from across the country.

( Source: BetterIndia, Posted: Dec 13, 2017)
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