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IRDS Awards Given to Five Young Acheivers in India


Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (IRDS), a Civil society located in Lucknow is presenting five IRDS awards for 2010 to young achievers respectively in the fields of Medicine and Health, Human Rights, Law and legal affairs, Media and Journalism and Education. These awards are named respectively as Anandibai Joshi award, Safdar Hashmi award, V N Shukla award, Surendra Pratap Singh Award and S Ramanujam Award. All the awards have been named after those prominent Indian personalities who died while still in the prime of their youth and who had a long promising career left ahead. The awardees have been chosen with the hope that they shall try to fulfill those left promises. The five awards have been chosen in a manner that the awardee are less than 45 years as on 31st May 2010. There is no cash component associated with the award.

The five IRDS awards for 2010 are being given to Sri Sanjay Singh, Sri Yashwant Singh, Sri Mohammad Hasan Jaidi, SriAnand Kumar and Dr Amita Pandey. We congratulate them all and wish them all the best.

Dr Nutan Thakur

We present a brief introduction to each of them:

Sri Sanjay Singh (born February 1975) is a well-known Human Rights activist in the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh, though the effects of his work are felt in a much bigger area. He has taken a holistic view of Human Rights and has been working selflessly and most devotedly for eradication of Poverty, hunger and exploitation in this region.

A  Master in Sociology, he started his works in 1995 at the tender age of age of 20 years. He founded Parmarth Samaj Sevi Sansthan for this. Some of his areas of commitment include Right to Dignity Campaign, Promotion of Livelihood means, Strengthening of Local Self Governance, Right to Information campaigns and other individual and societal Human Rights issues. In the process, he has been a target of so many influential people of the society facing all kinds of threats and violent attempts. He even lost his father Dr Lall Singh, himself a well-known social activist, to these evil forces in September 2009 but the brave man has not deterred from his path for once.

Sri Sanjay Singh has been recommended by Sri Lenin Raghuvanshi, eminent Human Rights activist from Varanasi and Gwangju Human Rights Award winner among others.

We give the Safdar Hashmi award for Human Rights 2010 to Sri Sanjay Singh for his exemplary efforts as a social activist in one of the backward regions where it is most difficult to stand for a just cause and where he has been showing rarest of courage for the poor and the downtrodden.

Sri Anand Kumar (born January 1973) is a mathematician and a columnist, best known for his Super 30 program, which he started in Patna, Bihar in 2002. Here he coaches economically backward students for the entrance exams for IITs, regarded among the toughest exams in India. By 2010, more than 200 such students had made it to IITs.

Sri Anand, born in an ordinary family, developed a great love for mathematics and even as a student started writing in International mathematics journals. This immense love for teaching mathematics led him to private tutoring and he started the Ramanujam School of Mathematics in 1997.

The idea of Super 30 for poor and needy students got implemented in 2002 when he, along with a well-known IPS officer of Bihar Sri Abhayanand began teaching 30 students belonging to economically weaker section on a completely free basis. The program has been an immense success and it has made Sri Anand a new ray of hope in the eyes of the middle class. National and International media has been extensively covering his deeds.
Sri Anand Kumar has been recommended by Sri K C Joshi, himself an IIT Kanpur graduate and a highly respected Mathematics teacher at Lucknow among others.

We give the S Ramanujam Award for Education for 2010 to Sri Anand for his path-breaking contribution to education in India, bringing the needs and special requirements of the financially handicapped people to the forefront and by giving them a new sense of dignity and providing hopes of achievements.

Sri Mohd. Hasan Zaidi (born March 1975) is an advocate from Allahabad (U.P.). He got his Law Degree from Allahabad University and is presently pursuing his Masters in Law. Though he is also an Advocate in Allahabad High Court but his major contribution to legal field lies in his writing books on the subjects which are generally by the legal writers untouched till date.  In addition to being the Managing Editor of many Legal Journals, he also has a special interest in application of Forensic Science and technology in the field of law. In fact he is a pioneer in this field. His books like DNA Tests in Criminal Investigation, Trial and Paternity Disputes, Narcoanalysis, Brain Mapping, Hypnosis & Lie detection tests in Interrogation of Suspects , Mobile phone Forensics and Electronic Surveillance and Electronic Evidence in the Courtroom Forensic science in India and World, & Anti Ragging Laws in India & World are definitely the pioneering work in their field . They become all the more relevant and important because in today’s changing circumstances, the legal field does need this active and deep intertwining between traditional law and emerging technology.

Sri Zaidi  has been recommended by Sri Ravi Kant, an eminent lawyer and leading Constitutional expert from Allahabad High Court among others.
We give the V N Shukla Award for Law 2010 to Mr Zaidi particularly for his contribution in providing much needed legal material in techno-legal sector. There has otherwise been a huge gap in this field .

Sri Yashwant Singh (born April 1973) belongs to Ghazipur  in Uttar Pradesh. He studied in the village school till class VIII and did his further studies from Allahabad University and BHU from where he finally got a degree in Journalism. He spent two years with All India Students Association, the left-oriented student organization where he was among the regular cadres. He started his career with Dainik Jagran from Lucknow, later shifting to Umar Ujala and I-next. Even worked in a mobile company for some time but his destiny lay elsewhere. He started a Hindi blog Bhadas in May 2007, which instantly became a big hit. The reason was that it was possibly the only platform where people could express themselves without any fear or inhibition. This was followed by the e-newspaper Bhadas4media.com started in August 2008 which has generated as much friends as foes and is often in controversy for its news and opinion which the mainstream media often shied away from. It is really bewildering to see Sri Singh fighting all those extremely powerful people single-handedly in the most courageous manner.

Sri Yashwant Singh has been recommended by Sri Shitla Singh, member, Press Council of India and Editor of Jan Morcha among others.
We give the S P Singh Award for Journalism 2010 to Sri Yashwant Singh for founding of the biggest Hindi blog where freedom of expression is being seen in true form. Also for the fearless journalism through Bhadas4media which is often brining him in direct confrontation with the rich and the powerful.

Dr Amita Pandey (born March 1970) received her early education from Saint Xavier's School at Bokaro Steel City. After this she obtained her MBBS and MD degrees with distinction from the prestigious GSVM Medical College, Kanpur. This was followed by Doctorate in Medicine in Medical Genetics from SG PGI Lucknow. During her doctorate studies, she came up with two researches which are of seminal importance in Medical science. The first was regarding the Alloimmune factors in Recurrent spontaneous abortion and role of Immunotherapy in its management and the second was the Multifactorial study of Infertility. Even after joining the service, she is continuously engaged in various research works of great relevance. Only recently in 2008, she got an International Fellowship from Geneva, Switzerland  to pursue research and training in Management of recurrent and refractory Ovarian Cancers. Some of her research works are actually finding massive practical applications. She has also played a pivotal role in establishing the Prenatal Diagnosis & Fetal Autopsy at in the CSM Medical University, Lucknow where she is presently an Associate Professor.
Dr Amita Pandey has been recommended by Dr Preeti Dubey, renowned Professor of GSVM Medical College, Kanpur and a pregnancy matters expert among others.

We give the Anandibai Joshi award for Medicine and Health for the year 2010 to Dr Pandey for her continuous evolution as one of the leading experts in Infertility and High risk pregnancy related issues in the country and for her sincere and innate urge to do something original in the field.

posted by Nutan Thakur on Jun 10, 2010

Previous Comments

Dr Avinash wrote:

Mam, I congratulate you for awarding the deserving personalities for their commendable,self less work.
I request you to kindly intimate me the contact number of Dr Amita Pandey.
For the same I shall remain ever obliged,
Dr Avinash(7899381029)

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