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Can You Envision A World Where Children Are Functioning At Their Best Abilities?
Can You Envision A World Where Children Are Functioning At Their Best Abilities?


You've been a part of our story at KnowYourStar for a long time now. You've heard many snippets of how KnowYourStar came to be! But we wanted to give you a whole picture that can help you see the bigger picture of our vision. So we came up with two infographics, one depicting our journey when we were just a hobby project! :)

And the second one talking about our journey as a full-time NGO! :)

When we look back at the milestones we've covered in the past 6 years, the struggle has been real. They all seemed quite unachievable at first, and now in retrospect the secret behind achieving each of them was the unmoving resolve to do whatever we can in whatever way to achieve our vision. And what was of more importance to us was the presence of different people at all times who believed strongly in our vision and did whatever they could to keep us going. People have walked in and walked out, but each have contributed to the big vision, which still remains the same... a little more achievable than before!

We invite you to share your thoughts on our mission to unlock true potential of every child and the vision to one day see all children functioning at their best abilities! Can you envision such a world with us? Do you think it's possible?

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With gratitude, smiles and cheers,

Pranita Bhat

Co-Founder at KnowYourStar

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“And as I go along life's way, reapin' better than I sowed. I'm drinkin' from my saucer, 'cause my cup has overflowed!"

KnowYourStar | Jaijagath Trust, No.31, C Cross, Rajivnagar, 7th Main, 7th Cross, 4th Phase, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bengaluru - 560085

posted by Pranita Bhat on Mar 22, 2018

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