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What is the Impact of an Untrained Teacher?
The Impact of an Untrained Teacher!
Children who have missed out on the initial years of their education have been confined to a life of illiteracy.
The Impact of an Untrained Teacher!
Dear Friend,
Perhaps no other profession is as important as teaching.
How well a country does, how prosperous it is and how ethical it is, depends on what the teacher does daily in the classroom.
The Impact of an Untrained Teacher!
Perhaps no other profession is as important as teaching.
How well a country does, how prosperous it is and how ethical it is, depends on what the teacher does daily in the classroom.
The demands placed on the teaching profession are huge. If a student does not behave or do well in studies, we look at the teacher. If the child loves learning, gets on with people, is good at public speaking, we want to know which school is the child going to.
We all want a better future. Today’s children are tomorrows future. Across our society, we see the decline of social values. We are quick to blame television and internet for it. Children learn most from their home and from their teachers. Parents have a duty of care towards their children. But when parents are illiterate the child learns mostly from teachers. Yet in Pakistan, we find untrained teachers in many schools who are given the responsibility for educating children. In fact, we find that the higher and specific training required for handling younger kids is often disregarded. Three to five-year-olds are placed into the hands of school graduates. Seldom can a teacher correctly define what the word “education” truly means.
Many teachers are just focusing on memorisation without understanding. With over 1,000 hours per year spent by children in school, shouldn’t we be trying to get a better outcome than merely getting them to regurgitate subject material onto test papers?
A teacher has the chance to positively influence and change a child’s life. A teacher should truly inspire the child to learn their subject. Curiosity to know how, when, why should be part of a teachers’ classroom environment. Sadly, we find teachers responsible for hundreds of children, when they themselves do not know the subject they are teaching. Such teachers go through the motions of teaching in a classroom for the sake of earning a salary and having a social presence. As a society, the relevant question to ask is, “How do we as educators, and as parents, allow a child to pass the most precious years of learning in classrooms where there is no sign of true education?”
Teachers are trusted to look after children and give them a good education. A Teachers’ character skills, their awareness of human rights and their communication, their lesson planning and delivery all impacts daily on the children they teach.
We place emphasis on training teachers. We would not allow a surgeon to operate on our child if he had not passed the practical tests of his field. How do we give more than 10 years of a child’s life into the hands of adults without knowing if they even know the basic rights of children? Placing emphasis on the knowledge, skills and attitudes of those training as teachers is essential. And this must be followed by a supervised internship period.
If we wish for our society to improve, for social evils to decline, for more creativity and innovation, for pride in a job well done, then we must invest in our teachers. We must train them in the true sense of the term. Only then can we say that we hold each child as precious and for whom we are accountable.
The next time you see a child, be interested in their education and insist on quality teacher training.
You and I, all of us, owe this to the child.
Thank you for reading my email. I am waiting to hear from you.
Fareeda Abbasi,
Education Consultant
CEO, Youth Together for Human Rights Education
Bring Humanity Back to Life!
Please note, we are currently hiring! If you are interested, please send your CV to sajjad@ythre.org
Youth for Human Rights International Pakistan Coordinator
Twitter: @FareedaAB
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ythre
Tel: 021 348 34724
Mobile # 0312-1037938 0311-2050292
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posted by YTHRE on Dec 27, 2017

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Diana Carol wrote:

Substitute teachers are not untrained educators. You should be guaranteed to show school even as a substitute. So no, you won't sub to get instructing knowledge. Top paper service, Be that as it may, you may investigate acting as a Teacher's Aide.

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