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For those who wish to help, we have many suggestions:

  • Submit a News Story: if you run across an insightful article or a "good news" story, drop us a link and we'll feature it in our website and newsletters to spread the word far and wide.

  • Subscribe: join thousands of others in reading one of our many regular newsletters. Forward them to friends, talk about the content, make something happen in your local community

  • Add an NGO: find a nonprofit working for South Asia and submit their information so we can list them in our database for others to see.

  • Help Respond to Emails: we get hundreds of emails from around the globe, from people who need a hand in finding information. Become an information provider, from your own computer.

  • Help Build a Website For a Nonprofit: using our cutting edge tools, you can help build a website for a nonprofit ... with minimal technical skills!

  • Do a Kind Act: click on the link to find out a fun game to spread kindness in the world. Print a smile card and make someone smile.

  • Write About an Hero: if you are skilled with writing abilities, share an iJourney profile about people who are doing creating ripples of compassion in their own communities.

  • Donate: while we don't directly with money, you might consider working our close associate -- Give Foundation -- to contribute to one of many vetted causes in South Asia.

  • Volunteer: last but not least, check out parent organization for lots of high octane inspiration about service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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