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ProPoor is an internet portal that provides information, resources and news about development work in South Asia. ProPoor is not a funding organization. As we create a platform to match resources with needs, we hope to rekindle the spirit of service in individual hearts around the globe.

South Asian Development NewsJul 22, 2017
The Story of Edible Spoon

Constantly troubled at the sight of plastic cutlery that poses environmental and health hazards, Narayana Peesapati ...

Largest Saline Wetland of Sri Lanka Uner Threat

Muthurajawela, the largest saline wetland of Sri Lanka, is fast becoming a garbage ground. ...

Indian Railways Goes Green With Solar-Powered Train

In a groundbreaking move, the Indian Railways on Friday, launched its first 1600 HP solar DEMU ...

Elephants Exploited in Asian Tourism Sector

A new report released by World Animal Protection reveals that more than three quarters of nearly ...

Low Cost Desalination of Salt Water

A desalination plant, situated at BARC, Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu, which makes 6.3 million litres of ...

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"Signs of Light": Good News From South Asia

Divya Nayan: A Text to Speech Device for Visually Impaired
Chandigarh based Central Scientific Instruments Organization has developed a reading machine for the visually impaired which can scan a given text and read it aloud for the user. The device is standalone, portable (410gms), completely wireless and uses open source hardware and software.

IIT Kanpur to Develop Sustainable Villages Along Ganges
Supported by National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), the initiative aims at developing model Ganga Grams.

Waste-Free in 2 Years. Town Shows the Way
By installing a comprehensive waste segregation and management system with the help of NGO Hand in Hand, the temple town of Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu has managed to go waste-free in just two years.

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