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ProPoor is an internet portal that provides information, resources and news about development work in South Asia. ProPoor is not a funding organization. As we create a platform to match resources with needs, we hope to rekindle the spirit of service in individual hearts around the globe.

South Asian Development NewsJul 30, 2016
Low-cost Hygiene

A simple eco-friendly low-cost incinerator developed for disposing of sanitary napkins by Shyamsunder Bedekar, 54, from ...

Nutritious Food for Homeless People in Chennai

When cooking at home for your family or yourself, cook some extra food that can serve ...

Rural Men Champion Womens Rights

A unique intervention with the local men has motivated them to shed their rigid patriarchal mindset ...

Nepali Farmers Fight to Save Indigenous Seeds

With policy gaps that hinder innovation and marginalise indigenous seeds, Nepal’s experts are calling for a ...

Hope in Bihar

The state of Bihar is well-known for lagging behind in all economic and human development indicators. ...

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"Signs of Light": Good News From South Asia

How a Boy into Substance Abuse & Street Fights Became a Role Model for Good Behaviour

Today, the 17-year-old school dropout attends night school, works as a door-to-door salesperson and is a role model to children in his neighborhood. 

Domestic Help Rescues Stray Animals, Provides Shelter in Her Own Hut in Mumbai
Uma Shetty of Mumbai, who lives in a small hut and works as a domestic help, has been caring for and sheltering stray animals for the last six years. Recently, Uma rescued seven puppies, packed in a sack and thrown in a trashcan near JJ Hospital.

Converting Barren Land into Lake
The residents of Ramsar village in Rajasthan worked very hard for five months and converted 52 acres of barren land in their village into a lake to conserve water.

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Name: Social Dream Foundation

Mission: Rising & maintaining Social Dream Foundation committed to building a system to duties towards sustainable integrated enhancement of the disadvantaged “Dalit, & Marginalized Section” in the...

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