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ProPoor is an internet portal that provides information, resources and news about development work in South Asia. ProPoor is not a funding organization. As we create a platform to match resources with needs, we hope to rekindle the spirit of service in individual hearts around the globe.

South Asian Development NewsNov 01, 2014
UN recognizes Post-Conflict Progress in Sri Lanka

According to a UN official Sri Lanka has become the best country in the region that ...

Building the Lives of Those who Build our Houses

Are the construction workers ever going to be able to reap the benefits of the growth ...

Invisible Heroes of Everyday: The Glass Cleaners

They risk their lives everyday for a meager wage. Lets learn a little more about the ...

Reality Tours and Travels showcases slums as entrepreneurial neighbourhoods

I want to show the people a different side of the slum, people who are working ...

Thomas Kocherry: Hero of Fishermen

Thomas Kocherry was the backbone of the fishworkers movement in Indi. He not only organised ...

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"Signs of Light": Good News From South Asia

Celebrating the Bonds of Sisterhood in a Red Light Area
Take a peek at life in a brothel and learn how, despite their vulnerabilities, the women have learnt to live a full life.

Muslim Families Care for Calcutta Synagogues
Generations of Muslim families have been taking care of the maintenance of three synagogues in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, which was once home to a thriving Jewish community.

From Slum Dweller to Nobel Nominee
Jockin Sir, as Mumbai's slum dwellers call him, is an inspirational figure helping India's dispossessed stand up for their rights.

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